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Gateway GreenPrint for Staff: Home

A collection of information for staff reference in regard to our new printing system.

Gateway Libraries

Policy H-199

Click HERE to view the policy.

Click HERE to view the Print Device Request Form.

Printing Instructions for Staff

Click HERE for Staff Printing Directions

Printer Maps & Spreadsheet with features

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What Username and Password do I use?  A:  Use the information you use for "active directory".  This is your last name and first initial (example: smithj) and the password you use to log into your computer on-campus.

New to Gateway?  If you have a staff email address, you do have an AD account.  For your initial login and password:
Login:  last name and first initial (example:  smithj)
Password:  "Gateway" immediately followed by the last 3 digits of your ID number (example:  Gateway567)


Q:  I can't print or am having trouble printing, what should I do?  A:  (Use the Technology & Maintenance Help Desk Ticketing System)


Q:  No GL Numbers show up on my PC to select from, what do I do?  A:  Contact your Supervisor or their Associate.  If you are an Adjunct Instructor working in the evening, contact the Evening Academic Associate at your location for assistance.


Q:  How do I order paper for my department?  A:  (See tab "Ordering Paper")


Q:  My printer/copier is low on toner, who changes this?  A:  If toner supplies is stationed in your area and you feel comfortable changing the toner, please do so.  Otherwise, the Ricoh Print Support Specialist should be monitoring toner levels remotely and may proactively change the toner. 


Q:  How can I change or get a new a printer for my area?  A:  Please see policy H-199 in the left-hand column and the Print Device Request form. 


Q:  What happens if a printer jams in the middle of printing something?  A:  The print job will need to be reprinted.  Staff can do so on their own, but students should contact the Help Desk at 262-564-3695 to request a re-print of their job at no additional cost. 

Q:  How long do print jobs stay in the print queue?  A:  24 hours for student and visitor accounts, 48 hours for Gateway staff accounts.


Q:  How can staff use personal funds to print/copy?  A:  Beginning September 6th, 2012, staff may load personal funds on their staff ID.  Print jobs should be sent securely to a secure print release printer using a computer on which you can input your Staff ID number as the Login ID (for work-related printing, use your last name and first initial).  The best locations for you to do personal printing are libraries and open computer labs.  When releasing the print job or making copies, select "Personal Account" instead of selecting a GL code. 


Q:  Having trouble printing an Excel spreadsheet in color on a Ricoh device?  A:  Follow these steps:

  1. Click File, then Print
  2. At the bottom of the print dialog box, click on Page Setup
  3. On the Page tab, in the Print Quality:  drop down, select 600 dpi
  4. Click OK
  5. Click Print

You will want to save your workbook so that this setting is saved.  This is a "per-workbook" setting.  I do not know why the Ricoh printers are tempermental about this.  This is also not a VDI related issue, this is an Excel issue, and does present on other makes of copiers and printers. 



Appeals for Charges

Paper Jam Reprints:  Call the Help Desk at 262-564-3695

GatewayOneCard & Kiosk Errors:  Call the GatewayOneCard help line 877-271-1743

Help Contact Information

Please continue to place Help Desk Tickets HERE for service.

For an overview of the service strategy, see this flow chart.

If you require other less time-sensitive information, please contact: