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Each of the seven boxes in the middle column represents a full module within the Credo InfoLit Modules.  The boxes in the right column include the entire Credo InfoLit Modules course, the Pre- and Post-Tests, and all of the Videos in the Modules. The boxes below give more details about these Modules and links to supplemental materials for faculty.

Please contact your Campus Librarian for assistance to embed these links in your Blackboard course or to connect them to your Blackboard Gradebook.

Elkhorn Campus (Including Burlington Center):  Dawn Haggerty  262.564.2783

Kenosha Campus (Including Horizon Center):  Rachel Rohlf  262.564.2539

Racine Campus (Including iMet Center):  Rachel Rohlf  262.564.2539

About These Credo InfoLit Modules

The Credo InfoLit Modules will help you develop your students' information literacy skills, including finding information, using that information, and creating the end product.  There are over 60 multimedia materials including videos, tutorials, quizzes and pre- and post-tests.  

Instructors--You can use these modules in your classroom!  Modules can be assigned to students for a flipped classroom environment, shown as part of face-to-face instruction, be assigned for homework, or added to online class curriculum.  Instructors can also access discussion notes for each section that outline learning objectives, related ACRL Framework, section multimedia, discussion topics, activities, and suggested readings.  Links can be easily embedded into your Blackboard course.

Credo InfoLit Modules: Entire Course

Credo InfoLit Modules: Pre and Post Tests

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