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Student Success Workshops: Student Success & Achievement

Learn tips on internet communication while working on classes from home

Get an introduction to online learning. Find out if online learning is right for you!

This VARK session introduces students to four learning styles. Students will identify personal learning styles while gaining strategies that will help them to study smarter harder in their journey to tackling college exams.

Discover effective study strategies according to your learning style (must have previously completed the VARK assessment) that will prepare you for academic success.


This workshop provides tips and strategies that will help students approach exam day with confidence.

Learn how to prioritize and develop some concrete strategies for managing your time effectively and effeiciently.

Join our Library friends as they cover the basics of APA and MLA citation and formatting and help you avoid plagiarism in your writing projects. In this workshop you will learn about in-text citations, references pages, title pages, and all of the resources the library has put together to make citations easier.