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APA Help: References Page

Basic rules for organizing and documenting research papers prepared for Gateway students in psychology, sociology, and nursing classes.

Gateway Libraries

Where do I find APA References?

Where do these APA and MLA citations come from?   

1. Most of the Gateway library databases (EbscoHost, Opposing Viewpoints, Gale, Global Road Warrior, Credo, Films on Demand), provide APA and MLA citations to copy and paste into your paper.    

2. If you used a book, website, film, interview, blog, or other resource, try ZoteroBib to format and cite sources quickly to copy and paste into your paper. EasyBib includes context-sensitive help, creates in-text citations, allows annotations, checks capitalization errors, and allows you to set-up an account to store your bibliographies by project.

3.  Worldcat is free resource that provides citations for books, e-books, audiobooks, dvds, and videos.  Search for your title, click on the matching result and then look for the Cite/Export link in the corner.

Be sure to review of the formatting, punctuation, capitalization, spacing, and organization of all references created by these websites.