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Physical Therapist Assistant: HESI A2 Test Resources

Library research and resources for students in the Gateway PTA program.

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Practice Tests in Learning Express

In order to access the practice tests, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Go to the Learning Express homepage.

2. For the first time using the database, you will need to create an account by registering. After that, you can just sign in with your information.

3. This account is separate from your Gateway student account and you can use any email and password you wish. Your email is your username for this database.

4. After registering or signing in, go to the database's home page and click on "Career Preparation."

5. Scroll to the bottom of the list that appears and click on "Prepare for Nursing Exams."

6. Scroll down again and click on "Nursing School Entrance Tests Preparation."

7. At this point choose a test to take by clicking on "Start Test." You can test yourself in the following areas: Chemistry, Math Ability, Verbal Ability, Biology, General Science, and Reading Ability.

8. There are 3 ways to take these tests: (1) Simulation, where the test will stop when time is up, (2) Practice, you will be able to see answer explanations after taking the test, the timer will count down but won't automatically stop the test and (3) Learner, you will be able to view the answers to each question as you go along to help you study.

There are many other resources in Learning Express that can help you build up your verbal and math skills. Just ask library staff for more information.



PN to ADN bridge students sit for the HESI mobility exam and should use PN-NCLEX prep materials to study.

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