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Equity Challenge: Home

Day 14 - Understanding Power & Privilege Relationship

Explore these resources to learn the effects of power, privilege and equity.

READ: Understanding Equity and Privilege (3 min)
KU Center for Community Health & Development

READ: Describe the Role of Power and Privilege in Equity (2 min)
(Clow, B., Hanson, Y., Berier, J.). SGBA eLearning Resource

READ: Power and Privilege (5 min)
(2021, July 16). SAFS Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Blog

READ: Privilege Checklist (10 min)
Boise State Writing Center

WATCH: Pedagogy of Privilege (14 min)
(Ford, J., 2012, April 11). TEDxTalks

Reflect: In your journal, reflect on the idea of privilege by answering the questions below:

  • Why do you think the idea of privilege can make people uncomfortable?

  • What is the value in recognizing our own privilege?

  • How can we use our privilege to create more equitable spaces and processes?