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Student Success Workshops: FAQs


What areas do the workshops focus on? 


Are workshops available in other languages?


How do I earn extra credit for participating in an On Demand workshop?


How do I obtain evidence that I participated in an On Demand workshop?


What can I use the digital badge/co-curricular certificate for?


I prefer to participate in the workshops in person.  Are the Student Success Workshops offered in person? 

Yes, the student success workshops are offered in person. To learn more and to pre-register for the in person workshops, visit

What is a workshop?

A meeting in which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project. Workshops, similar to seminars, are usually much smaller than conferences in nature.

Why would the workshop benefit you?

Will provide an opportunity for you to explore specific topics, hands-on training, and practical application in that specific area.

I am an instructor. How could I utilize the On Demand workshop(s) in my courses? 


I am an instructor, and I'm interested in a Student Success Workshop being facilitated in person in my classroom. What is the process in scheduling an in person workshop?