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Culinary: Find Articles

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Find Articles

The A-Z Food databases are highly recommended for Culinary students seeking recipes for American cuisine and around the world. Helpful information on beverages, ingredients, and cooking techniques is also available in these two resources. To enhance your exploration of regions and countries worldwide check out Global Road Warrior. 

The following is a listing of suggested databases to use for Culinary related and food sustainability topics. To see all of the databases provided by the Gateway Libraries use the left menu option > select Find Articles > select Database A-Z List.  

Suggested keywords:

  • baking
  • catering
  • food industry
  • food service
  • nutrition
  • restaurant management
  • restaurant operations 

If you need any assistance with your research, please contact one of the Gateway Technical College Libraries. We are happy to assist!

Opposing Viewpoints is a useful database on social issues and debates related to food such as organic food, genetically modified food, food safety, Western diets, and nutrition. 

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Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay