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Sierra Info: Cheat Sheet

Material Types

a Book
b Board Book
c Notated Music
d MS Music
e Map
f MS Map
h E-journal
i Audiobook
j Audio CD
k 2-D Graphic
l Printed Journal
m Computer File
n Newspaper
o Kit
p Media Kit
q Graphic Novel
r Equipment/Object
s Magazine
t Manuscript
u Streaming Video
v Video Tape/VHS
w Blu Ray DVD
x Computer Media
y Internet Resource
z E-book
! Textbook

Circulation Codes

b Barcode
.  Record Number
n Name
u Institution ID

Cataloging Codes

t  Title
s Journal Title
b Barcode
i  Standard no.
W Keyword
a  Author
d  Subject
c  LC Call no.
h  Dewey Call no.
l  Local Call no.
.  Record no.
o  Control no.
v  Voyager no.
e  Publisher
n  Name
p  Prof/TA
r  Course
g  Govt. Doc no.
z  ARN
x  SICI #

Location Codes

Code Location
ge Gateway-Elkhorn Campus
gecar Gateway-Elkhorn Campus Career Education Collection
gecd Gateway-Elkhorn Campus Circulation Desk
gedi Gateway-Elkhorn Campus Display
geeq Gateway-Elkhorn Campus Equipment
geg Gateway-Elkhorn Campus General Collection
gelei Gateway-Elkhorn Campus Leisure Collection
geov Gateway-Elkhorn Campus Oversized Collection
geprc Gateway-Elkhorn Campus Periodicals - Closed
gepro Gateway-Elkhorn Campus Periodicals - Open
geref Gateway-Elkhorn Campus Reference Collection
gerfd Gateway-Elkhorn Campus Reference Desk
gerst Gateway-Elkhorn Campus Teacher Reserve
gersw Gateway-Elkhorn Campus Workroom Reserve
getpr Gateway-Elkhorn Campus Technical Processing


gk Gateway-Kenosha Campus
gkacq Gateway-Kenosha Campus Acquisitions Desk
gkarc Gateway-Kenosha Campus Archives
gkcar Gateway-Kenosha Campus Career Education Collection
gkcat Gateway-Kenosha Campus Cataloging Desk
gkcd Gateway-Kenosha Campus Circulation Desk
gkcsl Gateway-Kenosha Campus Center for Sustainable Living
gkdis Gateway-Kenosha Campus Display
gkg Gateway-Kenosha Campus General Collection
gklei Gateway-Kenosha Campus Leisure Reading
gkov Gateway-Kenosha Campus Oversized Collection
gkprc Gateway-Kenosha Campus Periodicals - Closed
gkpro Gateway-Kenosha Campus Periodicals - Open
gkref Gateway-Kenosha Campus Reference Collection
gkrfd Gateway-Kenosha Campus Reference Desk
gkrst Gateway-Kenosha Campus Teacher Reserve
gkrsw Gateway-Kenosha Campus Equipment Closet
gktpr Gateway-Kenosha Campus Technical Processing
gktrd Gateway-Kenosha Campus Teacher Reserve Desk
gkwre Gateway-Kenosha Campus Workroom East
Code Location
gr Gateway-Racine Campus
grcar Gateway-Racine Campus Career Education Collection
grcbc Gateway-Racine Campus Children's Book Collection
grcd Gateway-Racine Campus Circulation Desk
grdi1 Gateway-Racine Campus Display 1 (New Books)
grdi2 Gateway-Racine Campus Display 2 (ELL/ABE Readers)
grdi3 Gateway-Racine Campus Display 3 (Cube & Display Case)
grdi4 Gateway-Racine Campus Display 4 (Greenhaven Press)
grdi5 Gateway-Racine Campus Display 5 (New Fiction)
grdi6 Gateway-Racine Campus Display 6 (DVDs)
grg Gateway-Racine Campus General Collection
grlei Gateway-Racine Campus Leisure Collection
grov Gateway-Racine Campus Oversized Collection
grpro Gateway-Racine Campus Periodicals - Open
grref Gateway-Racine Campus Reference Collection
grrfd Gateway-Racine Campus Reference Desk
grrst Gateway-Racine Campus Teacher Reserve
grrsw Gateway-Racine Campus Workroom Reserve
grtpr Gateway-Racine Campus Technical Processing


Code Location
awiod WISCAL OverDrive
gw Gateway-E Resource
gwceb Gateway-Credo Reference eBook Collection
gwebs Gateway-EBSCO eBook Collection
gwfod Gateway-Films On Demand Online Videos
gwgov Gateway-Gale Opposing Viewpoints
gwlil Gateway-LinkedIn Learning Courses
gwovr Gateway-OverDrive eBook Collection
gwpro Gateway-ProQuest eBook Central
gwwwr Gateway-E-Resource (Websites)


Patron Types

19  GTC Fac/Staff
20  GTC Student
22  GTC Lib Staff
23  GTC Laboratory
24  GTC Res
25  GTC Bus
26  GTC Casual
27  GTC Adjunct

Item Types

36  Gateway Book
37  Gateway Periodicals
38  Gateway Video
39  Gateway Computer File
40  Gateway Equipment
41  TBD
42  Gateway ILL
43  Gateway 2 hr No Overnight
44  Gateway 3 hour
45  Gateway 1 day
46  Gateway 3 day
47  Gateway 5 day
48  Gateway 1 week
49  Gateway 3 weeks
50  Gateway Clean Up

Status Codes

!  On Holdshelf
Lost and Paid
%  ILL Returned
*  IT
-  Available
^  Instruction
a  Cat Review
b  At Bindery
c  Circ Review
d  Damaged
g  In Storage
i  On Display
m  Missing
n  Billed
o  Lib Use Only
p  In Process
q  Acq Review
r  Recall Request
s  On Search
In Transit
u  Routed
w  Withdrawn
z  Claims Retd