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Emergency Medical Services (EMS): Find Articles

Gateway Libraries

Best Bets Library Databases

This is a listing of suggested databases to use for Emergency Medical Services related topics. To see all of the Health & Medicine related databases use the Gateway Libraries menu option > select Find Articles > select Databases by Subject > look for the Health & Medicine section. 

When searching in the databases think about your keyword terms. Are you looking for information on emergency medical services in general? Or a professional aspect such as an emergency medical technician, or paramedic? Are you looking for information on something specific such as airway obstruction?  Think about the terms you are using to run your searches. 

Suggested search terms. Use an asterisk (*) to expand the term in your article searches:

  • emergency
  • emergency medic* (Emergency medicine, emergency medical)
  • EMS
  • EMT
  • paramedic* (paramedic, paramedics)
  • prehospital

If you need any assistance with your research, please contact one of the Gateway Technical College Libraries. We are happy to assist!

Open Access

Emergency Medical Services article access on the open web, not all content is freely available.