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Library guide to support MLA 9th edition.

About MLA 9th Ed.

In April of 2021, the Modern Language Association (MLA) released the 9th edition of the MLA Handbook. Beginning in the Fall term 2021, all Gateway classes that use MLA formatting will be expected to move to the new edition. This style is most often used by students in General Studies, Business, Human Services, Pre-College, and ELL classes. 

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MLA 9 Manual

MLA 9 Templates & Guide

The Gateway Libraries recommend that students consult their course syllabus and assignment details for any course specifics and additional faculty requirements. 

Summary of MLA 9th ed. Updates

The formatting rules have not changed in the 9th ed. of MLA.  This edition provides additional information and expanded sections of examples. The following are examples of the addition information provided and where to find them. 

  • Expanded guidance on each of the MLA Core Elements with examples of what the element is, where to find it, and how to cite it.
    • Information on Author: pp. 107-120
    • Information on Title of Source: pp. 121-133
    • Information on Title of Container: pp. 134-145
    • Information on Other Contributors: pp. 145-153
    • Information on Version: pp. 154-157
    • Information on Number: pp. 158-164
    • Information on Publisher: pp. 164-172
    • Information on Publication Date: pp. 173-186
    • Information on Location: pp. 187-197
  • Expanded appendix with hundreds of examples (pp.303-346).
  • Additional examples of in-text citations (pp. 227-286). 
  • Updated guidelines on how to avoid plagiarism (pp. 95-102).
  • Inclusive language guidelines (pp. 89-94).
  • Additional guidelines on spelling, punctuation, and grammar in MLA format (pp. 15-87).

Adapted from the Spartanburg Community College Libraries. 

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