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Laptop Borrowing

About the LID Laptop Borrowing Program

REMINDER - Equipment borrowed for the Spring 2024 Semester will be due by 5/3/2024

About the Laptop Borrowing Program

About Gateway Technical College's LID Laptop Borrowing Program

The Gateway Technical College wants to ensure that students have the proper equipment needed in order to be successful. Computers were purchased by the college at the start of the pandemic and are available for students to borrow for the full length of the semester. 
This guide will provide information about how to go about borrowing a device for the term that you are enrolled in classes. 
If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to library staff by PHONE, EMAIL or you can initiate an online CHAT SESSION with a staff member.

What Devices are Available to Borrow?

The libraries have a variety of devices to meet different needs. We have Acer C933, Acer C733 and Lenovo IdeaPad chromebooks.  For Laptops we have Lenovo 14w, Lenovo Thinkpads, Elitebooks, and Probooks.  There are also a few specialty laptops and devices for specific programs, such as the Automotive program, IT, and Graphic Communications. Your instructor will select the device that is right for you.

Borrowing a Laptop or Chromebook

Borrowing a Laptop or Chromebook

How to Borrow a Laptop From the Gateway College Libraries


Step 1: Ask a Staff Member to Fill Out a Request Form

To borrow a laptop from the Gateway College Libraries for the length of a semester, please ask your instructor, advisor, or a Gateway staff member to fill out a laptop request form on your behalf. 

Step 2: Await Email Confirmation

Once the form is submitted, library staff will contact you at your student email address to confirm your request and provide further instructions.

Step 3: Laptop Reservation

Your requested laptop will be held under your name for a period of 2 weeks. If you do not pick up the device within those two weeks, the laptop will move on to the next student on the waiting list. 

Step 4: Checkout Process

When picking up your reserved laptop, please present your library card or a valid photo ID for identification purposes. NOTE - You must be the person picking up your laptop.  We can not check it out to anyone other than yourself.

Step 5: Sign the Student Liability Agreement

At the time of checkout, you'll be required to sign a borrowing agreement that staff will present to you. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of laptop usage and borrowing policies.


Laptops are lent on a first-come, first-served basis. It's recommended to submit your borrowing request as early as possible to secure a device. Device pickup will not be available until the end of the prior semester, but an early request will get your name higher on the waiting list. 

Returning a Laptop or Chromebook

Returning a Laptop or Chromebook

When and How to Return a Device

If you are taking the following semester off or have completed your program:

Devices will need to be returned at the end of the semester, or at the latest by the due date that was listed on the Liability Agreement that you signed. 
For example, students taking classes in the Spring 2024 semester must return their computer by May 3rd, 2024. It is very important that you honor this due date in order to give library staff and IT staff time to clean, re-image, and prepare devices for the upcoming semester. 

Where do I return my laptop?

You must return your device to any one of the three campus libraries. It does not matter which library you checked out your device. Please be sure that you are making your return during library open hours to ensure that it is safely checked in. 
Please do NOT return your device in a library drop box. This is to ensure that the equipment is not damaged.
Please arrive with your device charged so that you do not have to wait for us to remove it from your account.

Library staff will check to make sure that the laptop is in working condition before checking it in from your library account.
Gateway staff members will completely wipe the laptop.  There is no need to delete your information before returning your device.


Renewing a Laptop or Chromebook

Renewing a Laptop or Chromebook

How to Renew a Laptop for the Following Semester 

If you are taking classes in the upcoming semester AND you are already registered for future classes:

If you need your laptop for the upcoming term, and you are currently registered for classes through the college, you may hold onto your device. Library staff will extend the due date of your equipment on your behalf. You do not need to contact us.  

If you are planning on taking classes in the upcoming semester BUT you are not yet registered:

Reach out to your campus library to discuss your situation with one of the library staff members.

My class schedule does not follow the same start and end dates, or I am making up work for a class from a previous semester:

If your classes extend beyond the official end of Gateway's semester, please have your instructor reach out to the library to request an extension on your device. 

Technical Problems With a Laptop or Chromebook

Technical Problems with Laptop

What To Do When There are Technical Problems With a Device

If you are experiencing technical problems with the laptop:

Your first step will be to contact the Gateway Technical College Tech Central Department.
You can call 262-564-3695 OR you can SUBMIT A TICKET through the Tech Central website.  
Instructions on how to submit a ticket to IT are available HERE.
Tech Central staff will assess your situation and let you know if you will need a replacement laptop, or they might schedule an appointment with you to fix your current laptop. 
If you are told that you will need a replacement laptop, first contact the library where you would like to pick up a new computer. CALL AHEAD to speak to staff so that we can prepare a replacement device for you in advance. It is possible that you will be placed on a waiting list until one is available for you to borrow. Once a replacement is ready, we will contact you by email with pick up instructions.
In order to check out the replacement laptop, you must first return the device with technical issues. This can be done at the same time that you pick up the new device.

Tech Central Instruction Forms

Tech Central has provided the following Instructions.  

Lost/Broken/Stolen Laptop or Chromebook

My Laptop Was Lost/Broken/Stolen

What To Do About a Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Device

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Beyond Repair:

The Student Liability Agreement Form that was signed at the time of checkout confirms your responsibility for the equipment during the borrowing period. If a laptop is lost or stolen while checked out to you, replacement costs will be charged to cover the value of the item.

Damaged Components:

In the event that equipment is returned with damaged parts that can be repaired, your account will be billed for the replacement cost of the damaged component. We understand that accidents can happen, and our staff will assess the damage to determine the appropriate charges.

Requesting Review:

If you disagrees with the charges assessed for lost or damaged equipment, you have the option to fill out paperwork requesting a review by library staff. This paperwork should detail the reasons for the disagreement and provide any relevant documentation, such as a police report in the case of theft.
More information about appealing library charges can be found here

Special Programs Needed

Special Programs Needed

What To Do If You Need Specific Software on a Computer

You will be able to download programs onto any of the laptops you are borrowing. This includes the Adobe Creative Cloud Apps, Microsoft Office Apps, and testing programs. Gateway Tech Central has provided instructions on how to create a free Microsoft 365 account, and how to download the apps.  

Software for Engineering, IT, or Interior Design Programs

If you are an student in the Engineering, IT or Interior Design program, the college can provide access to all the software that you need using Splashtop.
You can borrow a laptop from us and have Splashtop added, or Splashtop can be added to your personal device. 
Speak to a Library staff member about how to gain access to Splashtop.
NOTE - You will NOT be able to download any programs onto a Chromebook.  If you need to download a program for your classes and you have a chromebook, reach out to a library staff member to request an exchange of equipment. 

Internet Access Needed

What to do if you need help accessing the Internet

What To Do If You Need Help Accessing the Internet

We understand that reliable internet access is essential for your academic pursuits, which is why we'd like to provide you with alternative options. We encourage you to visit the following websites for assistance:
  1. []: This website offers discounts and special offers on internet service subscriptions. You may find affordable options that suit your needs and budget.
  2. []: This website lists locations where you can access free WiFi. Whether you're on campus or elsewhere, you can utilize these resources to stay connected.
As always, you can visit one of the college campuses to access free wi-fi, or use the computer labs.

For Gateway Staff Members

For Gateway Staff Members

A google document is available HERE with more details about how you can place a request on the behalf of a student, including the link to the google form.