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Mapping Inequality : Redlining in New Deal America

Explore Specific Examples of Redlining in Racine & Kenosha

Area Description of Security Grade A, Section 1 

"A portion of this area on extreme north is outside the city limits. This is the most desirable section of Racine in which to live. There is no particular demand for homes here due to the limited number of business and professional men who can buy homes in this area. Very well restricted and very few, if any, homes for sale. They have been built for owners and not for sale. The 2 blocks west of N. Main Street are very sparsely settled and unlikely to expand due to the undesirable elements to west in C1 and D1. These 2 blocks will be used as a bumper to protect A1, the prices of this vacant land being held high enough to prevent the encroachment of this foreign element. Few, if any, rentable properties."

Area Description of Security Grade D, Section 7

"Any mortgage loans made here would be ultra-conservative. A foreign settlement with colored element. Spotted throughout. All factory laborers. An undesirable area, 2/3 of it being low land."

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