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MLA 9th Edition : Works Cited Page

Library guide to support MLA 9th edition.

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Works Cited Page Basics for MLA 9th ed.

Each source summarized or quoted in your paper or project should be listed at the end of your paper on a separate page titled "Works Cited."  A works cited entry should contain as many of the 9 core elements as are available. If you do not have any one of the core elements, then it is simply left out. Below are tools and templates for practicing identifying each of the elements and building your entry. 

MLA Style Center Resources 

MLA 9th ed. - Interactive Practice Template 

MLA 9th ed. - Works Cited: A Quick Guide and Examples 

MLA 9th ed. - Citations by Format and Examples

Other Resources 

MLA 9th ed. - Miami University Works Cited Examples by Format


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