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Veterinary Technician: Articles

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This is a listing of suggested databases to use for Veterinary Technician related topics. To see all of Library databases use the Gateway Libraries menu option > select Find Articles > select Databases A to Z List > look for "i" icon to read about the content of each. 

Note: If you are off-campus, you will be prompted to enter your Student ID/Employee ID and password to access. 

When searching in the databases think about your keyword terms. Depending on your topic you may need to use words to expand or narrow your search words in the databases.

Example search terms: 

  • animal feeding behavior
  • veterinary hospitals
  • urinary tract infection and cats
  • animal welfare

In some instances it may be helpful to use both the common name and scientific name for a particular animal such as "cat* or feline*"  (include an asterisk symbol * after the word to capture the singular cat and plural cats) in the search.

If you need any assistance with your research, please contact one of the Gateway Technical College Libraries. We are happy to assist!

The Opposing Viewpoints database has a variety of topic pages on social issues on a variety of animal-related topics. Each topic page contains a detailed overview article and multiple resource types such as viewpoint articles (for or against), journal articles, news articles, and websites as available. You may also search by keywords in this database. 

Example Topic Pages:

Medical databases may also be useful for articles about veterinary topics.  

Veterinary Partner

Open Access Journals

NAVC Publications