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Policies: Appeal of Library Charges

Gateway Libraries

Appeal of Library Charges

Appeal of Library Charges Policy/Procedure

All borrowers are responsible for library materials charged to their account and are subject to overdue fines, replacement costs, and charges for damaged materials.

If you would like to appeal library charges on your account, you must submit your appeal using this online form (Google Form).  Alternatively, you may ask at the Library Circulation Desk if you require a paper version of the form. Your appeal must be completed and submitted within 1 calendar year of the billing date of the charges being appealed.  

Acceptable basis for Library’s consideration of an appeal are:

Circumstances beyond the control of the borrower caused the late return, loss, or damage of library materials.(Substantiating documentation, i.e. police reports, hospital bills, etc. must be submitted.)

Library error in processing the transaction.

Reasons generally not regarded as valid for canceling or reducing charges:

-Lack of knowledge of Library policy

-Disagreement with the Library fine or fee structure

-Inability to pay fees and charges

-Material loaned to a third party

-Non-receipt of Library reminder notice

-Returning items to other libraries besides Gateway

-Being out of town

-Forgetting the due date

-Term breaks, leaves, vacations, exams, car problems, etc.

Appeals will be reviewed by the Lead Library Technician with final disposition made by the Library Manager, or designee.  

Possible outcomes of an appeal include:

-Denial of appeal.

-Charges reduced to a percentage of the original bill.

-Appeal accepted and account waived of the specific charge.

​​Outcome of appeal will be shared with the patron via email and/or United States Postal Service within 10 business days of submission.

Appeal of Library Charges Form

Students may submit the online Google Form here (student login/password required).

Residents may ask for paper form at the circulation desk or follow this link to print the paper form.